Our firm was initially founded in 1978, under the name Douglas C. Collyer Business and Tax Consultant, with the goal of helping businesses and individuals manage and run their business more effectively. In 2005, Douglas C. Collyer hired a promising young accountant by the name of Tamara LaBombard. At the time, Douglas was looking for someone to mentor and teach in order to eventually hand the company over to them. He saw Tamara’s passion and drive, and chose her for that, spending the next few years coaching her and helping her to receive multiple degrees, as well as her CPA license.

This led to Tamara taking control of the company in 2012, rebranding as Tamara LaBombard, CPA and reorganizing the firm as a Texas Certified Public Accounting Firm. Their services stayed heavily client-focused, working on making their services as accessible as possible. 

Like Douglas, Tamara also has a vision for her company. She hopes to expand her office and hire more staff, in order to better help the community, while still providing fast, quality and affordable services.

To learn more about the current staff and company, head over to our Staff Page.

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Our guarantee to you is that we always strive to handle all of your tax-related needs quickly, professionally and accurately. When you step into our office - or when we visit you at yours - you’ll have our undivided attention. No matter what, we’re large enough to meet all your financial needs, but still small enough to know your name when you call.

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