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STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN to Tamara and Denise if you need your taxes done or you need tax help. These ladies should be wearing superhero outfits because they are absolute rock stars at accounting/taxes. I paid high fees at other tax firms, you know the ones with the big advertisement budgets on the block and in Walmart.
Denise was a fraction of their fees with 100,000,000 x's better results.
I was late filing taxes in 2013 and 2014 and so the IRS filed taxes for us, saying we owed them thousands, upward of $75K or more. I was scared. Who wants to go up against the IRS.
Denise filed our late taxes and found that we were owed a lot of money for those years instead of owing the IRS. The IRS still didn't honor our filed taxes. We were going through some tough times financially and was afraid that a lien would be placed on the house.
Tamara was like the big sister you always wished you had when you were being bullied at school but against an even bigger bully called the IRS.
Denise and Tamara stayed on top of the IRS even when we gave up hope and just figured the IRS would take all of our refunds until we died. Tamara fought and called, I'm sure she chewed off a few IRS heads and spit them out.
This madness with going back and forth with the IRS went on for about two or three years. They took every refund in those 2 to 3 years. That was money we so desperately needed.
Tamara and Denise did not accept defeat, however. Maybe because it was their honor on the line or because they fight for truth and justice but this year we received a refund from the IRS for all our back taxes in 2013 and 2014 on top of the refunds the IRS took in between those years with penalty interest fees included. We are now caught up, we filling and tax debt-free.
Tamara asked for a very and when I say a very small fee, I mean a very small fee for retrieving our refund. A lawyer would have cost thousands and probably a percentage of anything retrieved.
There are no words to express my gratitude for all that you did for my family Tamara and Denise, I wrote this with tears in my eyes but thank you so very much and you have a customer for life. You don't know what you did for my family.
No more swiping things under the rug. But hold on to that rug just in case I need it(inside joke)
What are you waiting for go see Denise and Tamara right now? Their service and personalities are unparalleled but their results are bar none.
Truck drivers
Police officer
Just anybody needing a great.
accountant......or a Warrior on their side.

The views expressed here are solely my experiences and opinion.
Posted By: L.W.
Tamara and her office have been doing my taxes for 20 years, I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Posted By: Dave Demaree
Tamara and her team are just the Best!!! Her attention to details and knowledge are just excellent. Would. Highly recommend Tamara.

Tamara has been taking care of my business and personal taxes for many years, and has always been courteous, informative, patient and forgiving. Keeping up with financial records is my dark side, mostly disorganized. I have evolved (some what), there was a time when my filing system was a laundry basket and scheduling the week of April 15 to come see her. I dread dealing with paperwork, the part of being a business owner I dislike most. But thanks to Tamara, I can rest assured the IRS will not be knocking at my door. Tamara and her staff are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Tamara and her staff are always ready to answer any questions I may have and provide professional advice.
Posted By: Melissa Steinhardt
Great friendly and professional service. Her staff is excellent to work with as well.
Posted By: Jo Ann OC
I personally would like to thank Tammy and her team. I use them for my book keeping and tax preparation and would recommend their services to anyone. They are kind and welcoming when you drop by their office, and always display professionalism. I recently filed my taxes; I thought I was not going to get much of a return and Tammy did due diligence to get me back about 4x what I was expecting. Thank you Tammy?! You definitely exceeded my expectations.
Posted By: Ken Zubaty
Owner of Living Stone Floor Care
Bonnie visits us monthly. Tamara and Bonnie have our/your best interests in mind. They are thorough and do their best in being vigilant with regards to ensuring Uncle Sam is happy and that you keep your well earned money as in write-offs. We can't avoid death or taxes, so refer those to Tamara who need help with taxes and the rest to Cliff to be prepared for the other thing we can't avoid.
Posted By: Martin Spears

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