Q. What are the advantages to working overseas as a contractor?

A. U.S. citizens and resident aliens living and working abroad may be eligible to exclusions of up to $101,300 in 2016.

Q. I just received a call from the IRS-What do I do?

A. Nothing it is a hoax. The IRS will send letters before they call you.

Q. When is my tax return due?

A. Most personal income tax returns are due April 15th, business income taxes are due March 15th, and Not-for-Profits are due May 15th.   All of these returns can be qualify for a 6 month extension with prior approval from the IRS.

Q. Do I owe sales tax?

A. If you sell products (and some services) you may be required to collect sales tax from your clients.   You will be required to file sales reports and remit payments on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Q. How do I set up an LLC?

A. Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are set up with a state. Once you set up an LLC you are no longer considered an individual. The business in now considered an entity. This entity can sue and be sued. You will also be subject to paying state income tax in Texas. You will be required to file an annual Franchise Tax return.

Q. Do you offer direct deposit for payroll?

A. Yes, we offer direct deposit.

Q. What is the best Accounting software?

A. We offer Net Client Access. This is cost efficient alternate to Quickbooks. It allows both the client and our staff to access the financial data in real time.

Q. I filed my taxes, but I haven’t received my refund? How can I find out when I will receive it?

A. Access IRS.gov. Click on 'Where's My Refund' and enter the primary taxpayer’s social security number. Enter the filing status that was used on your return, and then enter the refund shown on your return. Click Submit

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